After months of testing to see if this is the ultimate action camera on the market, here’s my complete GoPro Hero7 black review.

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Stunning sunrise shot on the hero 7.

I am just going khổng lồ get it out of the way really quickly here. Get yourself a GoPro nhân vật 7!

Why? The GoPro anh hùng 7 black by far is the best GoPro ever…by a long shot.

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If you are wondering what all of these strange terms are like ‘TimeWarp’, ‘SuperPhoto’ or ‘HyperSmooth’, then keep reading this article as I will be giving a detailed rundown in my complete GoPro nhân vật 7 review.

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My GoPro anh hùng 7 ReviewGoPro anh hùng 7 – White, Silver or Black?GoPro anh hùng 7 Black đánh giá – Camera HighlightsFinal Thoughts on My review of the GoPro anh hùng 7 BlackShould You Get a GoPro hero 7 Black?

My GoPro anh hùng 7 Review

It wasn’t that long ago that the GoPro hero 6 hit the shelves and when it did, we all thought that it could not be beaten.

How wrong we were…

The introduction of the nhân vật 7 was much more of a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá when compared to the anh hùng 6 và there were certain reasons behind why that was so.

Hero 7 is the perfect adventure companion!

What is a GoPro?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the GoPro line of products or the company, let me give you a quick rundown of what exactly a GoPro is.

A GoPro is primarily a small, handheld, waterproof camera that is capable of being mounted or placed just about anywhere in order khổng lồ get a quality angle or shot.

GoPro’s are capable of capturing videos, stills, timelapses, photo bursts, and night photography as well as underwater photography.

Many people think that a GoPro is designed for those into action sports lượt thích surfing or snowboarding but that isn’t entirely true.

With the new anh hùng 7, its ease of use allows for almost anyone to use this incredible piece of technology.

The GoPro anh hùng 7 sits in a long line of GoPro’s with past models including the original HD nhân vật to the anh hùng 4’s when 4K đoạn phim was introduced lớn the smaller Session models. In 2018, GoPro released the best GoPro yet.

The epic GoPro nhân vật 7

What I Think of the GoPro nhân vật 7?

I received my GoPro in the first week of October & have had quite a bit of time since then to lớn explore all of its features.

Every time they bring out a new camera they try to vì chưng something new, but lớn be honest it’s been a few years since they’ve really shaken up the industry.

But what has led me to write my GoPro nhân vật 7 Black review is that for the first time in a long time, this new camera has a bunch of truly epic new tools that will mix it apart from anything else on the market.

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GoPro anh hùng 7 – White, Silver or Black?

You may notice that there’s three different models of the GoPro nhân vật 7 – White, Silver và Black. What are the differences, và which one is right for you?

Think of them as beginner, intermediate và pro cameras. The trắng is the cheapest, và with the least amount of features.

In my mind unless you are really hurting for cash, don’t even bother with this one. It has 1080 đoạn clip and is waterproof, but that’s about it.

The Silver is a step up và has 4K đoạn clip as well as WDR photos, but it lacks the main features that you really want out of a GoPro.

The GoPro nhân vật 7 black is the bees knees when it comes to kích hoạt cameras. Let me save you the research & say just save some extra dollars & jump in and buy this one.

What sets it apart? Features like HyperSmooth, SuperPhoto và TimeWarp. So let’s get into these right now.


The purpose of the anh hùng 7 is to drastically increase the cameras stability when filming. The GoPro anh hùng 6, which was the previous model, required the use of the Karma Grip, a stabilisation gimbal which gave incredible, smooth footage when filming.

That was cool, and the stabilisation you could get with the Karma Grip was pretty damn amazing, but it was another big tool that you needed to carry around everywhere with you.

And if you weren’t focused on making epic videos, then it was a bit of a pain lớn have really as it took up a lot of space.

Cue the GoPro hero 7 & all of its silky smooth goodness.

The hero 7 basically has one of the most amazing inbuilt stabilisation systems of any action camera available, which means you won’t need a gimbal lớn capture smooth footage.

What makes the hero 7 so incredible is that you can literally vì chưng what the Karma Grip can do, except you just have to hold it in your hand.

Just to kiểm tra out how smooth the footages looks, I put on my Chesty Mount and juggled a football. The inbuilt lens stabilisation was able to make the footage extremely smooth despite how much I was moving with only 10% of the footage being cropped.

This feature alone makes the new camera worth the upgrade, và is what gives it almost 5 stars in my GoPro nhân vật 7 đen review.

Stunning quality!


You know how you see some awesome GoPro photos on Instagram or somewhere else and you think to yourself, “Damn, that’s awesome, but it was probably edited lượt thích crazy to get it looking like that…”?

Up until the hero 7 came out, you were probably right.

GoPro pictures are great, but they’ve always needed a fair bit of tweaking in Lightroom or some other program to get them popping & looking awesome. And sometimes you just don’t want to bởi vì that.

There are times when I don’t have my laptop on me, meaning that it would be nearly impossible for me to edit a photo the way I lượt thích before I publish it on social media.

Then GoPro came out with SuperPhoto – an option which can be chosen on camera settings.

When selecting SuperPhoto, the anh hùng 7 calculates the best trắng Balance, minimum and maximum ISO levels, sharpness và colour to lớn create a HDR photo (high dynamic range).

HDR are often over edited photos with excessive contrast, saturation và vibrance, looking so cooked that they make you shudder, however the anh hùng 7 doesn’t seem to lớn ‘over edit’ the photos it takes while on SuperPhoto mode.

When taking a SuperPhoto photo, make sure the hero 7 is mounted on a tripod if you are in anything other than perfect daylight, as the image takes slightly longer lớn process than when the nhân vật 7 is in standard photo mode.

If you don’t you might end up with a blurry image, or weird chromatic aberrations around the edges.

SuperPhoto mode creating a HDR image – notice how you can still see all the details in the cave as well as in the clouds.


When the nhân vật 7 first made an appearance, a đoạn clip of Abe Kislevitz’s arose of him walking along a wharf somewhere in the tropical Pacific Islands in crazy smooth fast motion, and this video clip was truly magical.

I thought, “How the bloody hell did he bởi that? Must be some kind of editing trick!” Well to be honest, it’s not as difficult as it looks. This is the new GoPro hero 7 TimeWarp feature!

Just lượt thích a hyperlapse, you need lớn know the right settings and speeds khổng lồ get the shot you want and suddenly you’re out there capturing gold.

Basically the faster the setting (i.e. 150x) the smoother the TimeWarp will be. Using 150x is perfect for running or walking or anything that is slow, while shooting 30x & below is best if having the hero 7 mounted to lớn a fast moving vehicle or bicycle.

I love the idea of being able to lớn create a hyperlapse with ease, & TimeWarp is a testament khổng lồ how GoPro are showing that they have truly made a GoPro with inbuilt stabilisation and crazy new features.

However, I feel lượt thích TimeWarp’s success is based too much around the anh hùng 7 being mounted khổng lồ motorbikes, cars or skateboards which already have suspension meaning that the inbuilt stabilisation will make it even smoother.

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Yes that’s great, but I want to see the anh hùng 7 be truly tested by mountain climbers, trail runners or kayakers to truly show what the anh hùng 7 is capable of.

Video – More About HyperSmooth

TimeWarp uses the inbuilt stabilisation well, but the best feature in my GoPro hero 7 Black review is how it works with the standard đoạn clip mode.

If you are using anything below a nhân vật 7 for film purposes, you may want lớn consider upgrading to the nhân vật 7 immediately.

The Karma Grip was designed lớn rough out any bumps that would be produced when using a hero 5 or hero 6, but if you have ever used a gimbal before you know that they can get in the way và require a battery pack to lớn keep it charged.

The hero 7 keeps things simple…and small with an inbuilt system that is designed lớn keep the footage ‘smooth as butter’. I have had a lot of questions from friends in regards to the stabilisation actually being legit và I can tell you it’s true.

Since I received the nhân vật 7, all I have used is a shorty mount as the handle then applied the desired settings.

There are a few things to note when wanting to lớn obtain smooth footage –

4K will not tư vấn HyperSmooth.High frame rates such as 1080p 120 frames per second or 1080p 240 frames per second don’t support HyperSmooth

Although the higher frame rates won’t tư vấn HyperSmooth which is a bit of a shame, but I have learnt to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with it.

The Colca Canyon in Peru, captured using the SuperPhoto feature on the GoPro anh hùng 7 Black.

GoPro anh hùng 7 Black đánh giá – Camera Highlights

While all of the nifty features in the camera are the main reason for my review of the GoPro nhân vật 7 Black, there’s a lot more khổng lồ this awesome camera than just the software that makes it the best kích hoạt camera on the market.


What is epic about the hero 5 và above is that you don’t need lớn use a dive casing to go underwater (to a certain depth of 10 metres).

Although you can take the nhân vật 7 underwater without a dive case, I always advise using the ‘SuperSuit’ as GoPro calls it when going into salt water.

Saltwater will bởi bad things lớn your camera such as making the battery & micro SD door hard to open with tiny grains of sand becoming embedded in the cracks.

If you plan on taking the nhân vật 7 past 10 metres, be sure lớn put on the SuperSuit to avoid water leaking into the GoPro – you really don’t want that!

So good for water use!

Shooting Vertical

I think this maybe one of my favourite features with the anh hùng 7 và yet it’s so damn simple! The software in the anh hùng 7 now allows for the GoPro LCD screen khổng lồ be flipped to portrait mode; i.e. The interface.

Also when taking vertical images, the software automatically flips the image when downloading khổng lồ your hard drives meaning you won’t have to go through everything and rotate!

So why does this make the list of things khổng lồ talk about in a GoPro anh hùng 7 review? Because sometimes you just want to lớn shoot in portrait mode khổng lồ properly capture a scene, or to nói qua on Instagram.


Past GoPro’s haven’t been quite up to scratch with their sound until the hero 7 came khổng lồ the market. With increased audio options in the anh hùng 7, you can basically use the new GoPro as a vlogging camera without the addition of a microphone.

There are options with RAW sound, wind and tự động which makes the anh hùng 7 totally mở cửa to all kinds of environments so that top quality sound can be recorded!

Auto Exposure Lock

I love lớn shoot timelapses with my GoPro’s but have always had an issue with exposures, especially when light becomes faded from daylight into dusk and finally night.

With the new hero 7, I select any spot on the screen và hold it until a small trắng bordered screen appears. This screen enables a spot which will be locked for the exposed when taking a still or đoạn clip shot.

Under low light, this is the perfect thing to brighten things up!

Battery life

Using a anh hùng 7 for an extended period of time requires a good battery. Shooting timelapses requires upwards of 2.5 hours therefore good battery life is pretty much necessary.

I shoot my timelapses on 1080p for an average of 2 hours and I generally have 40% battery life remaining which is seriously incredible given the size of a GoPro battery.

I have 5 batteries which are always fully charged và there are times when I am doing an overnight camp.

For these situations, I created an insulated battery warmer to lớn ensure the cold air won’t drain my batteries of their nguồn as there is nothing worse than going khổng lồ shoot only to find out the batteries are all drained.

Note:Using settings such as 4K or 240fps will decrease battery life quicker.

The Self-Timer

Why oh why did GoPro never have this feature before??? The anh hùng 7 now has an inbuilt timer which comes in two forms:

A 15 và 30 second timer which will only film for that phối time. This is perfect for those shots that you want to be in a frame but don’t have anyone else khổng lồ hold the anh hùng 7.A Stills timer which is used for taking photos. It pretty much is a countdown clock that gives you enough time lớn get in the frame of a shot. There are options of a 3 & 10 second timer. In addition to lớn the stills timer, you can also activate using voice control which I will get into next.

Voice Control

Voice control for me is a bit weird as for some reason I have never really been a fan. I think I am being lazy when using the voice control feature, but there are times when it really does come in handy.

Using the voice control comes in handy when you are using mounts such as a head mount, chesty mount or for some reason are out of reach of the nhân vật 7.

A quick tip for voice control! If you have multiple cameras set to lớn voice activated or voice command, be sure khổng lồ only have voice control turned on for one camera as you may turn on all of your cameras when you give them the order.

Final Thoughts on My review of the GoPro nhân vật 7 Black

The anh hùng 7 is epic, no doubting it.

Despite my nhân vật 7 having a few glitches on the LCD screen & issues with saving files khổng lồ the micro SD card (these issues were resolved by updating the software), the anh hùng 7 has performed relatively well.

I have managed to use every setting và mode in as many different environments và situations as possible and it easily out performs the hero 6.

One thing I am stoked about is how much of a quicker performer the nhân vật 7 is to the anh hùng 6. If you turn on the anh hùng 7 and hero 6 at the same time, the anh hùng 7 will turn on at least 1 second earlier, và that’s a lot of time when you see a special shot or moment you want to capture it right there & then.

In the past few months I have done some crazy things with my hero 7, literally crazy.

I have attached my GoPro to lớn the outside of a moving bus during rush hour in Sri Lanka, mounted it khổng lồ a javelin và a discus and launched it to see how it would look in terms of stabilisation.

I have even thrown my GoPro 20 metres into the air & have it hit the ground just to demo how strong these things are.

And today I still love it more than ever.

Should You Get a GoPro nhân vật 7 Black?

If you are a vlogger, cinematographer, photographer or filmmaker, or you just lượt thích taking the occasional photo, the hero 7 is unbeatable.

There are a lot of other products on the market lượt thích the Sony action cameras & the DJI Osmo, but not being biased, the anh hùng 7 is truly the best on the market.

I Have An Old GoPro – Should I Upgrade?

If you currently have a GoPro hero 5 or hero 6 and are wondering whether or not you should upgrade, the answer depends on what you will use it for.

If you don’t ever shoot clip and only use the GoPro for still photography, then you can get away with just keeping your old camera, especially if you know how lớn edit photos in Lightroom or Photoshop.

But if you’re shooting video and don’t already have a Karma Grip, then without a doubt you NEED to lớn upgrade to the hero 7.

The HyperSmooth stabilisation is seriously next level, and the fact that you can mount this lớn a helmet, chesty mount or hold it on a stick và get gimbal-like footage is crazy.

Personally I say yes – upgrade if you can afford it and you think you might shoot video.

Buy It On Amazon

Buy It On GoPro Site

I hope you enjoyed my GoPro anh hùng 7 black review. If you did leave a phản hồi below và let me know if you have any questions!

Happy adventuring.

Started travelling in 2010, so far reaching the trails of the Upper Mustang, Nepal, scaled Mount Ollivier, New Zealand (first ascent of Sir Edmund Hillary), got hot chilli in my eye in Vietnam, chased by a pack of wild monkeys in Singapore, stupidly climbed the Eiffel Tower, France in shorts và a shirt while it was raining và 6 degrees while in Venice, Italy I managed to lớn get lost in order to get found while in Central nước australia my best friends were camels. My passion burns for culture và exploration as I would say “I think I’m quite ready for another adventure”. Kiểm tra it all our on my photography website & Instagram.